October 6, 2021


Dearly Beloved in Christ! I greet and bless you in the name of our Creator, Maker, and ever unforgettable Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word that the Lord has   given  for you today is from the book of Genesis   50:20,  “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but  God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”

We see that the brothers of Joseph thought to do evil,   but God turned their evil plan in favour of Joseph.    May be you have lost many opportunities because you have taken decision on your own without consulting with God  the Father who created you and has given you life. Yet God has given you another opportunity. So you are expecting a good end. All of you reading this message are expecting a good end for all your problems or for all that you have planned to happen in your life.  You are quite afraid as to where your plans will lead you to. When you surrender your ways to the Lord and according to the ways of the Lord, then you will receive blessing from the Lord.

Dearly Beloved, Joseph had to suffer hardship in the house of Pottiphar during his younger days, in Egypt. The devil had devised an evil plan for his life,   by Pottiphar’s   wife. Satan’s plan was to test his chastity. Satan thought that if Joseph cooperated with Potiphar’s wife to do the evil thing, then he could enjoy all that was available in his master’s house. Satan induced such evil plan in the mind of Joseph, but God remembered Joseph in Egypt. God doesn’t rest when trouble comes in   the lives of His precious children. So when Joseph was troubled by Pottiphar’s wife, God rescued him from her evil plan and he was falsely accused by her and thrown into the prison. Even in the prison God showed him mercy through the Jailor. God allows good times and bad times in the lives of his children, but He puts everything into place to help you grow in the Lord. Even when God allows bad things to happen in your lives, He is able to turn the bad   situation for the good purpose   of your life. God came down in a marvellous manner and stood by his side, and caused him to depart from her presence. God had great plans for Joseph in Egypt. God says, “

I have prosperous plans for you.”Joseph submitted himself in the hands of God to be used for His GREAT purpose.  Though he suffered in the jail for some time suddenly God brought him out of the prison and made him the governor of Egypt because he was able to interpret the dream of the Pharaoh because Joseph provided means of living for the people of Egypt, and saved them from famine.   

Though his beginning was small and insignificant the latter part of his life was awesome. He was blessed abundantly. His life was an example that shows how bad things in life can result in unexpected good outcome. The key is how we handle events that take place in our life   and the choices we make in our lives. Joseph’s brothers did evil to Joseph   by   selling   him to Egyptian   merchants. But there God honoured him since he surrendered his life to the Lord. God will honour you also in the same way. May be you are trapped by someone like Pottiphar’s wife, and you are unable to come out from their hands. But make a good choice not to give room for the devil to   deceive you.  God   will deliver you as he delivered Joseph from her evil plan and save your life. God will intervene on your behalf and save you. He has better plans for you so he will never forsake you. But He will exalt you and make you successful before   the eyes of your enemies. Joseph’s brothers who threw him into the pit and later sold him to the merchants, saw Joseph as the Governor of Egypt and they all bowed down before him and received food grains from Joseph. Joseph became a blessing to his brothers and his father Jacob. May God help you to find favour from   God   and be a blessing to others. God bless you.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we thank   You   for this blessed day. Lord thank You for Joseph, who in spite of good opportunity in Pottiphar’s house,   refused to commit evil and departed from doing sin. May we also flee from sin and glorify God physically. Help us to endure troubles patiently and never murmur at God for the sufferings we go through. Help us to realize that everything is a passing phase of life and help us to reach out to the prize of the High calling that is set before us.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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