December 3, 2023

God makes you great - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, Dec. 3rd. It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. May the name of the Lord be glorified. Turn with me from the book of 2 Samuel 22:36, “Your gentleness has made me great. ”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, the above verse says, “Your gentleness has made me great. ”Today everybody desires to become great. They think that they should be great in their field. They say, “I should be great in my work place. I should be great in the place where I do my ministry.” So everyone likes to become great in one way or another. But if you neglect the God who makes one great then you can never become great. The Bible tells about King Solomon, “ God exalted Solomon as a great person, before all the people of Israel, and no other king was as great as Solomon. That is how God exalted Solomon. He was the greatest of all. Notice very carefully. The father of Solomon was King David. It was natural that Solomon should become the king after King David. It does not say that he became great but, it says that the Lord made him great. David had another son called Absalom, but he died. After him Adonijah attempted to usurp the throne. So without the knowledge of the king he brought all other kings and ministers from neighboring countries and was about to be crowned. And there was a grand feast held in honor of Adonijah. This was their plan. But God had selected Solomon to be the king, so God intervened in this matter and sent prophet Nathan to inform King David that all were working against the desire of the king and God Himself. So God sent Nathan to meet David’s wife, Bathsheeba, and warn king David about his son Adonijah’s plan of becoming the king.

Immediately prophet Nathan rushed to the queen and reported the matter. She in turn reminded the king who was quite old, of his promise to her saying that Solomon would be the king after him. Solomon did not know that Adonijah was trying to usurp the throne, without his knowledge. So even though Adonijah was about to be crowned as the king, he was driven away and in his place Solomon was crowned as the king after David. What does this show? God made him great. That is why I like this verse which says “ God made Solomon very great. Greater than all other kings. A position which no other kings could achieve.” So God wants to make you great. Having desired to make you great He comes in search of you and gives you this auspicious word He has come inside your house. He wants to make you great and bless you. So what you need to do is to say, “ Lord I humble myself, before you. For the word of God says, “All who humble themselves shall be exalted.’’ In certain versions, the word “karunyam “ is indicated as “help” and in other versions it is indicated as “ gentleness.” God is more gentle towards you. His good heartedness will make you great. You might have behaved very cheaply before God. Yet God because of his grace, and gentleness has made you great. Therefore God will exalt you and your children and he will admire you in that high position. Are you in a very low position? Commit your ways unto the Lord.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank you. Lord, I pray and bless all the children, who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord, you have said that your help will make us great. Lord all those who desire to be great and progress in their life, help this day to be a turning day in their life. Let this day be a suitable day in their life. I greet and bless all such children to consider this day as a favorable day. Lord lift up all those who are at the lowest level to a royal status. And make them great. Just as the verse says, God made Solomon very great, so make these children great in whichever field they may be, and make them shine , in such a way that no other people can become as great as these children of God and honor them. Help us to hear more of their testimonies.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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