March 24, 2023

“God Makes Everything Beautiful.” - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On this day, the 24th of March it is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this message. I believe that all of you are happy in the Lord. We hope, and pray that God will set all things well for you. God says, surely there is an end and your hope will not be lost. God has planned to do many good things in your life. Your desire will come to pass. I too wish that you be blessed in all things and live happily. God Himself is coming into your house through this auspicious word to inquire about your problems. He will sort it out for you and help you live amicably by performing a miracle for you. The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today, is taken from the book of Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, from this verse we learn that God does everything beautiful in its time. If we do certain things, it would become a failure. We may not select the right thing . But God says, that He will do all things perfectly and beautifully in its time. He assures you, that He will do all things well at the right time. So you are right now thinking about something that did not happen. It could be the gift of a child. Or it may be the marriage settlement. It may be the need for new and fresh anointing. Or it could be the government job you are looking for. You are expecting for something but you are continually disappointed because you are unable to attain it. This has caused you to suffer distress. So you are saying, Lord why is it continually a disappointment. Why haven’t I got my request ? God has purposely delayed giving you what you request, because if He gives it to you, then you might break it. Why the Lord delays, is because you may not have the maturity to handle the issue. When time of maturity comes then the Lord will start doing things for you at the right time. God purposely delays in doing certain things because, He wants you to become fit to operate certain things in life. That is why it is said, that God does everything beautifully in its time. We should not be in a hurry and spoil, everything God has designed to do for us. So what we need to understand is that you are still very childish to handle the matter.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, therefore God has delayed in granting you what you desire. The maturity in you will be seen in your speech, in your action and other deeds that you do. You should show your hope and trust in the Lord only then He will give you what you need. Initially when I came to Chennai, how many years I patiently washed the dishes in the hotel waiting to be matured in whatever things I need to do. I then became a car mechanic, handling spanner and car parts, and then gradually became a taxi driver, and went round the city. I suffered so much under several people, before I could establish myself. Though I suffered so much I couldn’t shine in any way for several long years. My life was just moving on with no clarity Just eating, sleeping and working and passing on the time. But I had many family responsibilities. I was bent on lifting the family to a higher level but it just couldn’t happen so easily. The door never opened so easily. I had to put up hard work in order to become matured enough to do car business. But a time came, when God began to lift me up in my status, even more than my expectation. Then I asked the Lord, wouldn’t it have been better if God had granted my request five years earlier.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I thought I could have done much more in life, had I been blessed a bit more earlier in life. God then clearly told me that if God had given me the business earlier I could have broken it and all would have turned a waste. I couldn’t have been so successful in life had I handled the business much earlier. God knows when we need and when we can operate properly. So what we learn, is that you need that maturity to handle the situation. When we attain maturity to handle the matter properly God grants our request. God is now making you to be fit for a better purpose, by taking you through tough and rugged path to shape you and make you fit for the purpose. Only when you attain maturity God begins to bless you with your request, so that you may attain a proper passage for you to flourish and bloom in life. All the troubles and afflictions you have gone through will help you to prosper in the latter period of life. All the hardships you have undertaken will make an improvement in managing your future life. So never worry that things have not worked the way you expected it to be. God is actually shaping you for a better purpose. Thus God will do all thing beautifully in its time for you. Once God begins to bless you He will not stop until He has fulfilled His plan and purpose in your life.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, He waits for the right time to bless you. See when Mary tells the Lord that the wine in the house was getting over and there was not sufficient wine for the guests, Jesus tells her plainly that His time had not come to perform miracles. But when the time came He asked the disciples to fill the empty jar with water and then He asked them to take and serve to the guests. No one reminded the Lord about the wine running out, in the wedding house. So you must realize that the right time had not come, for God to bless you. As soon as the time comes, He will start blessing you, more than your expectation. Today, His time has come and He has descended upon you to perform miracles for you. He will do all things beautifully for you.

Prayer: Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord all the children are waiting for something good to happen in their lives. Until yesterday, nothing had happened for them. So they are all worried and are lamenting over their difficult situation. Lord may they realize that they are being pruned and groomed for a better cause, through such hard circumstances. This could be a kind of comfort for them. Let them know that they have not attained the maturity to receive certain blessings in their lives. So help them to ask God to groom them and make them fit to enjoy such blessings. Hence let all of them who are committed, be made eligible to receive the goodness of God. May the Lord come down in a marvellous manner and do all things beautiful at the appointed time. You said that you will do all things beautiful in its time. So whatever they have spoilt by doing things in a hurry, Lord you perfect them. We thank you for perfecting all that had been spoilt and distorted in their life. If not they might have been a failure in setting things right, Help them to set right all the things, and perfect that which is imperfect. And make all things beautiful in its time. Help them to settle in good families, with good life partner. May they work in good company or in concerns, that are good and prosper in their lives. Let those who did not get a job soon get a job, and settle in life. May doors for Ministry be opened, in good and favourable sectors? Open doors and grant them all the means to start business in good locations. Let all the closed wombs be opened that they may conceive and bring forth children. For those who are crying saying that they cannot conceive I pray in the name of Jesus that their womb will be opened and they will be able to produce children. Since you have said, that You will do all things beautiful in its time. Please help them to make use of the opportunity, for the Lord has descended upon them to do miracles. Lord touch and bless all your children to shine in their life by making all things beautiful in its time. The time to see them in their beauty has come. Remove all their debts and disease from them. May they grow wealthy and prosperous that they may give to others from their plenty. As your ambassador I pray for them and bless them to be victorious in life.

In Jesus Name we pray.


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