April 28, 2023

God is with you - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today the special word of God for you is taken from the book of Psalms 94:14 “For the Lord will not reject his people; He will never forsake his inheritance.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Lord tells us through this verse that He will not reject His people and will never forsake His inheritance. This reveals his care and concern for His people. God will not wash off his hands regarding His children. Your husband may have spoken to you in an enticing manner, and slowly he would have rejected you. But God will never let go of His children. He will never reject His children under any circumstances. Sometimes your wife could have rejected you. Your own children could have rejected you. They would have failed to consider you at all. But the Lord will never reject you for any reason. He will never forsake you. Because He says, He will neither leave you nor forsake you. He has great plans for you. And He has spoken to you about it. Some of them have been fulfilled but there are some which have not been unfulfilled. So don’t think that God will forsake you just because your prayers were unanswered. Till He has completed what He has said about you He will not depart from you. He will not forsake you. You can be rest assured about His promise for you.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, You may wonder when all His promise will come to an end, whether when you secure a job, or when you get married. But God’s plan for us will not end till we live on this earth. Until then He will be working His plan through you. What does this mean? It means, that He will not forsake you until your death. He will not remain with you for a particular season of time. Some of you are thinking that God said that He will not leave me nor forsake me until His promises are fulfilled in my life.” So you think that He will leave you after you secure a good job or build a good house of your own. No, He will not forsake you in that way. Why did he give you a job? He gave you a job so that you will live with your wife and children happily making your living. He will not leave you till the end of your life.

Prayer: Lord, we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord today you have given us a great promise that you will never reject Your children nor will You forsake them, though people may fail them You will not forsake them, or reject them. We thank You Lord for this Promise. Give them good health, strength and long life and let them live peacefully in this world. And whatever plans you have for them, I pray that until You fulfill all those plans for them in their life, let not their life be cut off for any reason. Extend their life for them. Lord You have said, that you came to give life and that life in abundance. God who gives life to mankind, may He grant that life in them and allow them to live long years of life by removing all the knots of death. Lord grant them long years of life.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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