October 1, 2023

God Is Our Strength - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, SUNDAY – October-01.10.23 It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. As an ambassador of God I bless you all from the bottom of my heart. Let it be fulfilled that way. We have come into a new month. You must be wondering what auspicious word of God the Lord has kept for you today. Many of you are anxiously waiting to hear the auspicious word of God. Take with me from the book of Psalm 147:13, “ For He has strengthened the bars of your gates, He has blessed your children within you. “

MY Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today parents worry more about their children. My child has not yet settled in their life. Has not completed his education. Always failing continuously. My son does not come to church. He /she does not dress properly. Looks as if my child is in a particular captivity. I want my child as a whole. So this morning, most of you are found to be worried about your children. Lord, if only my child does well in his life, I will remain true to you all the days of our life. I will be thankful to you. So please settle the life of my child. So many of you are simply crying over your children. That is why the Lord is saying, “ For He has strengthened the bars of your gates, He has blessed your children within you. “ God will strengthen the bars of your gates. That means, there will be a doorstep to every house. And for that we would have put a lock. This is because unwanted people should not intrude into your house. A thief should not enter your house. Or enemies should not step into your house. That is why we put a lock on the door. So when one is inside the house he locks the door from within, and when he goes out he locks the door from outside. He strengthens the gates of his house. He has a grill door from inside the house. Why? Because the wealth of the house should not be stolen. Children should not be carried away. Nobody should destroy their children. There should be safety and security for the children. Certain parents put up highly safe grill gates, put up big locks for their door, there will be a lock in the door itself but they will put another big lock in the door latch. Or insert in a hook like thing. And again after that they fix cameras as safety measures. That no one should enter into their house.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today people think that if there is a camera, then no thieves will enter their house. So they fix several CCTVs. cameras in several locations of their house. Surely there will be a camera right in front of their gate at the entrance. You would have all observed this. Is it not? Why all these measures are taken is to avoid damage to their children and the members of their family. So on this first of October, above all the security measures that you take for your house, more than the lock that you have put or the grill gate, that you have put up, or the extra lock you have put, or above all the CCTV cameras that you have inserted in your house both inside and outside the compound, God is giving this verse itself as the protection of your house. All that may be a failure. But though heaven and the earth will disappear His word will not disappear. And will not become a failure. So as the verse says, put up this verse on your door posts, which says, that God has strengthened the bars of your gates, and as a result your children within your house will be blessed. ” That means no evil shall befall you nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. To you and your children whatever weapons have been formed will become less. God is going to destroy all the weapons. Formed against you. God will nullify all the plans of those who had planned to steal in your house. He will avoid all robbery and theft from taking place in your house. The cunning plans of the Devil to destroy your children will be and the cunning snare will be squashed. God is going to tear down all their plans and God is going to pour the anointing of the Lord upon your children. God will be a lamp unto the feet of your children wherever they go, and will be a light unto their feet. God will guard their feet from getting entangled in any problem, or from slipping down and will guard them from involving themselves in any unwanted affairs of evil people who spread their cunning nets to catch them and their evil talks. God is saying that He is taking special effort to guard and protect your children. Your child who has been a failure until today, will be successful in the future. You are saying that your child has many arrears don’t worry , just to bless your children who are within your house is the responsibility of God. Submit your children in the hands of God. And trust Him, God will help them to pass their exams, He will teach them, He will bring a spiritual change in them. Hereafter your children will be taught of the Lord. Their peace shall be great.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Are you worried because your children haven’t secured a job? Say Lord I submit my child into your hands, Kindly provide a good job for him /her. Open a way for their income. Lord give a good word for securing a job. God will give them a good job. He has kept a door that cannot be shut before them. God is saying through prophesy that he has kept a door that cannot be shut before your children. That means He is going to give them a permanent job. Many of you are saying that nothing good has happened in their lives. God is breaking all the barriers, and He is going to give many good news for your children to hear. All good things will happen. Those that went aside the track will follow into the right track and they will emerge again the goal that has been set for them. God will make it possible for them to do it. The unwanted word of your children will change.The depression of your children will change. Their shabby nature or behaviors will change. God will make them beautiful. God will establish their life, and their mind especially. God will do a miracle for them. Not only that God will grant them their desire for which they had been long awaiting and have become sick of waiting for a long time, whether it is a child or a government job, God will provide your children and honor them. Above all he will heal all your children who are bedridden because of disease, God will completely change that death bed on which your child is lying and heal him completely. God will give him a long life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank you. Lord I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message and Lord grant salvation to all the children who have not been saved. Lord if there are children who have not made a change in their heart in accepting You as their savior, Lord I pray that the receive redemption from God. Those who have backslidden, Lord I pray that they will come into your fold, and having kept their hand in the plough, let them not, turn back, according to this verse, I pray that holding on to Jesus as the plough, help them to walk aright and give them the grace to walk correctly. I thank you for granting them their request and for honoring them. Let all the barriers be broken regarding their education, Let all barriers concerning their marriage be broken. Let the barriers that block pregnancy be broken. Lord do them good by breaking all their barriers. As You said that children will be taught of the Lord, and their peace will be great on the face of this earth, We bless their family in the name of Jesus. Give thy children good protection, for their wealth and property, and for their business center, for their factories, and their vehicles, give them divine protection and honor them.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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