February 14, 2023

God is a loving God. - Bro. T. Stephen

My beloved children of God in Christ, I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am delighted to meet you all on this day February 14th through this daily Mangala Vaarthai program. May God bless you. All of you are waiting with your Bible this morning. Please read with me, I Corinthians 13:4 – “Love is patient, love is kind.” God wants this love to flow from your heart. Our God is a loving God. He said, “Love one other as I have loved you.” This love bears all things, endures all things, believes all things, and forgives all things. This love will accomplish great things in your life. Dearly beloved that is the love that God has for man – an immeasurable love. God is pouring that love into your heart today. When your heart overflows with this love, you will be able to love and care for everyone you meet. When this love floods your heart, you will be able to love others unconditionally. The Holy Spirit wants you to forgive all those who betrayed you, hated you and bind them with your love. Do not do evil for evil, but do good for evil. If they fought with you instead of fighting back love them and have fellowship with them. This is the Lord’s commandment, and this is what the Lord expects from you. So, this love is patient and is kind. Today many are not patient, or kind but are filled with anger and irritation. Many are rude, impatient and get angry even before others finish talking. Today God is removing that spirit of anger and is filling you with patience. Good gentle behaviour, you must become gentle like Moses. This will brighten your future. This will crown you in this world and crown you in the next world too. Next let us see what else this love does. It is written this love is kind. Today you will receive this kindness from man and from God. You also must extend kindness to others. There are many blessings written in the Bible, one of it is favour in the eyes of man. This love will help you to receive kindness from men, at the same time it will enable you to be kind towards others. Think of the people who are expecting this kindness from you. Your boss maybe expecting your kindness. As your work and workmanship is like that. Perhaps your wife may be expecting your kindness, your husband might be expecting it, your children may be expecting your kindness. Some may say, “If my father extends kindness, I will receive this..” While we are expecting God’s kindness, God desires that we show kindness to others. Be kind to others. It is our duty to show kindness to other. Whatever they expect from you to the best of your ability try to help them. Kindness means helping others. Even while you are expecting help from others, lend a helping hand to them. In this world whatever you expect from others, you first do it for them. This will fill your life with blessings.
Let us pray.

Dear Lord, we thank You. We read that love is patient, love is kind. You have poured this love generously on my children. Hence from today, let this love change everyone listening to this program to become patient. Let every spirit of cruelty, spirit of argument, spirit of rudeness leave them and let them become an epitome of patience. Let my children be patient enough to show the other cheek when slapped on one cheek. Remove all anger from them and protect them. Moreover, love is kind. As my children expect kindness from others, help them to extend this kindness and help to those expecting it from them. As a result of this let them live a life of peace, harmony, and fulfilment in this world. Do great things Lord.

In Jesus name.


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