May 2, 2023

God Heard The Prayer - Bro. T. Stephen

My beloved children in Christ, I greet and bless you all in
the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Today the special
word of God for you is taken from the book of Luke 1:13, “But the Angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your prayer is heard.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, From the above verse we learn that God sent an angel to tell Zacharias that his long time prayer was heard. Zacharias and his wife were both well advanced in age. Elizabeth was barren. But while they were young they had prayed for a child. As they did not have a child. Many years passed by and they had completely forgotten about their prayer request which they had made to God. Zacharias was a priest. Now while he was in the temple, he began to burn incense before the Lord. And a multitude of people were praying outside, at the hour of incense. Then an Angel appeared before him and fear fell upon him and he was troubled. Then the Angel spoke the above words to Zacharias as an answer to his prayer to comfort him. God was very considered about him. So he sent an angel to tell him that his wife who was a barren until then, would conceive and bear a son and he shall be called John. There will be joy and gladness and many will rejoice at his birth.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters. On that day God sent His angel to tell the auspicious word to Zacharias. For many days, you have been praying for a particular matter. But you haven’t got an answer to your prayer request. And therefore you are very depressed and worried. You think that you may not receive an answer to your prayer. But God has risen to answer your prayer after a long period. It may be your marriage settlement. The delay may be due to your age. Or you got married but no child and therefore you are worried. Or the delay in getting a Government job. Something must be worrying you as your prayer has not been answered. May be your current situation, is causing panic day by day. Or not getting a child must have made you to come to the conclusion that your prayer will not be answered, and so you would not expect anything more or dream about it anymore. Saying so you may be trying to underestimate yourself. But God will not fail to bless you, or delay His promise to you in answering your prayer according to His will. Today, God is saying to you, “ Your prayer has been answered.” What you have been waiting for a long time will be offered to you like the tree of life.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message. Lord you have said to the children, “Do not fear about your age, or your poorness, or your famine, or poverty for as the God of miracles, I tell you that your prayer has been answered.” Thank You Lord for placing this word of promise and blessing the children. On that day you spoke these words to Zacharias, and just as you said, his wife conceived and brought forth a son and they called his name John. In the same way I pray that God will open the closed doors for thjose who are waiting for job opportunity, Lord open the door of income, open the closed door for the Visa, Open the door for promotion, Open the closed door for transfer, Open the closed door for marriage settlement, open the closed door for begetting the child, Let the closed door for a house be opened to them. May the Lord open the door of ministry for them. May the Lord do glorious things for them. Do miracles for them and honour them.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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