July 10, 2023

God Has Placed An Open Door - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today’s auspicious word is taken from the book of Revelation 3: 8, “ See I have set before you an open door,and no one can shut it.”

God says that today, He is going to keep an open door before you. An open door that cannot be closed by anyone. If God keeps an open door, nobody can close it. If God closes the door then no one can open it. But if man closes the door God can open it. The door closed by a magician, can be opened by God. May be in the past, all your doors from all corner could have been closed. So You are saying, “No door is open for me. “And if you are reading this message with tears in your eyes, then today God is saying, that God is keeping a door that cannot be closed. You would have heard people say, “I am not able to stay in any particular job for two or three or one months, continually , cannot remain in that job, for more than five months. Either they shut down their door or I myself shut the door and come out of my job. Why is such things happening in my life?”. If God gives wealth and riches to a person He will not add sorrow with it. If God opens the door for a man, then no one can close it. In case God decides to promote you to a better position and take you to another company then He will close this door and open the next door of the company. But, man cannot close it .You may be thinking, “I have been working in a company for a very long period and working for a very small scale of payment. Are you saying that there is no progress, no elevation in your career, and then God can lift you up in the very same company in which you are working right now. God can place you in a higher position in the very same place of your work. But if God wants to place you in a higher position, which you have never thought about, God himself will close this door and open another door and he will place you in a higher position and admire you. Certain people will call it switch over or breakthrough. So in case you are trying to switch over or waiting for a break through, today is your turn day. God will open a way for you. God will open a door for your income, He will open the door for your education, He will open the door for you to go abroad. He will open the door for you to receive the gift of a child. And also open the door for you to get settled in your marriage life. Therefore God will open all the closed doors and will give you a big surprise. Hereafter, you shall receive a permanent income. He will open all the doors that had been closed until today. Hence cheer up. God bless you.

Prayer: Dear Lord we thank you. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord you said that you will grant an open door for all the children who have been crying since all the doors had been closed from all corner or all sides of their life. Open all the doors for permanent income, for permanent anointing, for permanent doors to receive wealth and riches and honor them. The children should not say that they are unemployed, or they have been separated from the office location, or nature of work. Let all situations change and may they get a permanent job, a permanent income, and permanent ministry, permanent business and honor the children. Your children should not borrow money from others, but make them a nation or people, who will lend to others. In Jesus Name we pray.

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