April 14, 2022

God Has Heard Your Prayer.   - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The blessed word for today is from the book of 2 Kings,20:5, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears, I will heal you.”

In the Bible, we can see that many years ago Zacharia and Elizabeth asked the Lord for a child. But there was no response from God so they stopped asking God for a child as they had grown too old. But the Lord remembered their prayer request. There came a day when God sent an angel and told Zachariah that “Do not be afraid, your wife shall conceive and bring forth a son and he should be named John”. This incident shows that the Lord will not forget our prayer request or leave it unnoticed that we had asked for in our past.  You would have asked for many requests and would have also got tired of asking but today the Lord is telling you that your request has been heard “Well, I have heard your prayer”. This means that the time has come for the Lord to answer your prayer requests.

My dear children of God, some might say, we have become too old to conceive. And so, they may be in tears. It is the Lord who gives a child. He blessed the old couple Zachariah and Elizabeth after they were too old to conceive. Will, He not perform a miracle for you?  Today the Lord will bless you too with a child as He looks unto you and says, “I have heard your prayer.”  

Secondly, He says, “I have seen your tears”. Many times, we see, that nobody is bothered about the tears we shed. No one can understand, the tears which you shed out of pain. People would have hurt you in many ways. But when God looks at your tears, He knows the pain you are going through. Since He has seen your tears, He will change your crying into laughter. God will perform a miracle in all that you thought and cried about and will turn it into laughter.

Thirdly, the Lord promises to heal you of your disease. You could have been affected by any severe disease. But it is a simple matter for the Lord to heal the disease. You need not fear the disease, it may even be a disease unto death. Believe that God can heal the disease and you shall see the glory of God. Today the Lord will perform a miracle for you in your life.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Dear Lord, respond to all the prayer requests that your children have requested. Give those good gifts, that my children have not yet received yet. Let many auspicious events take place in their   families, in their homes. Open the womb of many women who are childless and make them the happy mother of the home.   Cause them to see wonders and let miracles happen in such a way so as to turn their tears into laughter. Not only that, you said you will heal their disease. So whatever disease they may suffer from, Lord heal them completely. As they are reading this message, let the divine power of God pass through them. I thank you, Lord, for giving them divine healing and divine deliverance.

In Jesus  Name We Pray.


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