March 21, 2023

“ God Appoints Rulers.” - Bro. T. Stephen

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. On this day, the 21st of March it is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this message. I believe that all of you are happy in the Lord. We hope, and pray that God will set all things well for you. God says, surely there is an end and your hope will not be lost. God has planned to do many good things in your life. Your desire will come to pass. I too wish that you be blessed in all things and live happily. God Himself is coming into your house through this auspicious word to inquire about your problems. He will sort it out for you and help you live amicably by performing a miracle for you. The auspicious word of God that comes to you for today, is taken from the book of Daniel 5:21, “The Most High God, rules in the kingdom of men, and appoints, whomever He chooses.”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, many of you are waiting to know the will of God for you in the particular, task you desire to undertake this day. Surely God will reveal His plan for you, in your life today. In this verse God says, that He rules the kingdom of men and appoints whomever He chooses. In the same manner He will direct your steps wherever you go today. Some of you have planned to go out on different important issues. Some of you are waiting for a promotion, others are waiting for a good job, You have an interview and so you are thinking if something good won’t happen for you in your life. Some of you are waiting for licence. And you are planning to go and obtain it. You need an approval for something. And for all this you are expecting God’s will in your life. I pray that God will give you what you desire. So according to this verse, God says, He rules the kingdom of men. And will appoint whomever He chooses. Sometimes we think that we want to choose someone and take great effort, in appointing them. We might have even prayed that they should be elected but, But we see somebody else seated in the place. This is God’s plan. God knows whom He should appoint on the seat. In case we appoint someone whom we like, in power and authority then they may not do things according to our expectation. At such times God’s children may become slack in conducting things correctly.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, God will appoint someone and God will expect us to depend upon Him wholly for all our needs. In case if a known person is appointed in a high post what will we do ? Instead of trusting in God and depending upon Him we will start trusting on the person whom we have appointed in authority. But if an unknown person from our opposition team, then we will not depend on him but on God for all our needs. We will know for certain that they will not accomplish what we expect, so we will plead our case with God. We will hold on to God. Therefore when things work against our desire, then if someone whom we don’t like is seated in the higher post then that particular person has to sign your document and sanction you what you expect from him. Then your condition will be rather difficult. And you would wonder if this person has been made to sit without God’s knowledge. Yes, God has appointed that person, because, He wants you to totally depend on God. On Him alone and not any other. We all prayed. The entire nation prayed yet the person whom you desired is not in power. Many would wonder why the answer to your prayer had not been given. Or why has God failed to listen to your prayer ? Many have raised this question to me. I have answered them wisely but keeping this particular verse from the book of Daniel, I feel very convinced to answer them. We think it would be good if the person whom we desire would come to power. But God has different plans for you. Only God knows who is better to be seated in that place. Therefore we need not be worried if someone who is from your opposition comes to power.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, We depend upon God, who reigns in heaven. Hence we need not to fear about who is in authority. All we got to do is to obey them and respect them for what they are, are who they are. We live trusting in God. The Most High God, who rules the kingdom of men, and appoints, whomever He chooses. He is the one in authority He keeps in power whom He likes and carries on His task of governing the kingdom of men. So He appoints the one whom He chooses to be seated in power and authority. So no one can sit in authority or power, without the knowledge of God. Sometimes God can select someone whom we don’t desire, and through them God might bring glory and honour to God. And when things happen in our favour through them it will be marvellous to our eyes. God can cause such things to happen through people in authority whom we really don’t desire. God is wonderful. He will do all things for the well being of you, through strangers also, and those who are in authority.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Hence what must you do in such times? You need to tell the Lord your desire saying that you prefer certain person to come to power and pray for them. But it is God who decides as to who should come to that position. Tell the Lord, “ Not our will, but Your will be done in this regard.”Submit your petition to the Lord. He will decide for you. You ask the Lord what you desire. Say, “ Lord I need a good position in my life. Lord if it is Your will, please help me to occupy that position.” No harm in asking God what you desire. Tell Him, “ Lord If it is Your will let me get this job. The Job you are seeking may be a top class job, But what God wants to provide you will be much topper than your expectation. Therefore when you need something you need to ask the Lord. See even the disciples asked God to teach them to pray. So God taught them a model prayer. “ Our Father who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name. Let your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Your prayer should always focus on the will of God, and not your own will. If you get a partner according to the will of God then your married life will be successful. If you make your own choice it may end up in sorrow and trouble. If you start your business according to the will of God then your business will be prosperous. If you get a job as per the will of God, then you will work peacefully in that job, without any problem. If you start your ministry according to the will of God then your ministry will be successful. So if all things work according to the will of God, then, you will be successful in all that you do. Because God chooses who should be in power and authority as the ruler of the kingdom of men. In case you desire to hold a good post, or work in authority in a particular position tell the Lord your desire. And say that if it is God’s will let it happen. Ask God before you leave your home this morning, then you will receive what you desire. Never murmur against God if you don’t get what you desire because God will give you something better than that. Always desire to do the will of God. You will be blessed in all that you do. In case you are going to seek a proposal for your daughter or your son tell the Lord “If it is your will provide a groom or bride.” If it does not work, that means God will provide a better person for you. God is able to perform a miracle for you at any point of time. So believe and proceed further in life.

Prayer: Lord we thank You. Lord I bless all the children who are reading this message in the name of Jesus. Lord let you governance be upon their families. And the families of their children also. Let your governance be upon the face of this earth as it is in Heaven. You govern their ministries , their business and all their affairs that takes place in their life. We are safe under your governance Oh Lord. Place those in power and position according to your will. Or place us, in a position with authority and power, according to your will. Let them live happy married life in a befitting manner which suits them according to your will. Let them secure a job in a good location, may they be placed in higher and powerful posts, more than their expectation. Help them to enjoy freedom in the best possible way. I pray and bless them to secure the best position in their career. May they be blessed with freedom and help them to secure top position in their life. Cause them to live happily in their life.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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