September 14, 2023

Exalted - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On this day, the 14th, September, It is a great pleasure to meet you all at your home through this auspicious message. Let’s read Isaiah 30:18, “Therefore the Lord will wait that He may be gracious to you. And therefore He will be exalted that He may have mercy on you.”

This verse says that the Lord will wait for you. And the Lord will be exalted for you. The Lord is not only waiting for you, to attend to your needs, and perform miracles for you. At times we will wait But sometimes, He waits for an opportunity to do miracles for you. You must have people talk like this. “I am waiting for an opportunity to help them, but only waiting for the right time to help them. And I will help them.” But those who promise or speak like that will really come forward to help you out. Is a question. But you see our Lord is waiting to help you. This verse says, “Son of David, have mercy on me.” A Canaanite woman for the sake of her daughter called upon the name of the Lord to heal her daughter. Her daughter was affected by an evil spirit and therefore, while her life was in the dark room, She came to the Lord and requested him to help her. Jesus Son of David, please have mercy upon my daughter. God performed a miracle in such a way that when the Canaanite woman reached her home she found her daughter healed. She found her daughter delivered from the bondage of the. evil spirit.
Maybe today you are anxiously waiting for the Lord to perform a miracle for your child and heal her/him. You are waiting for a miracle to happen. But the Lord is waiting to perform a miracle for you.

So today as God waits for an opportunity to help you, in whatever thing you expect God to perform a miracle God will do it for you. Lord ask God to be merciful to you, concerning your job. Lord, a good thing should happen for my child to have mercy on him. Lord the Visa must be successful for my child therefore kindly have mercy on us. Lord, my daughter has got entangled in some unwanted issue. Kindly have mercy on her. Just as the Canaanite woman came to the Lord on behalf of her daughter, are you expecting the Lord to do a miracle for your child as this day is when God will be merciful to your child and will descend and do a miracle for her. He is actually waiting for a moment to help you out in your difficult situation. He is just waiting to perform a miracle for you. That day a lame man was waiting at the Bethesda pool, for 38 years, just to help that man God went directly to help him. He performed a miracle for him, a man who was helplessly lying down by the pool. and caused him to rise up, take his bed and walk to his home. In the same way the Lord is going to heal your husband who is in the hospital. God is going to heal your wife or your child who are lying helplessly in the hospital. Lord my child is suffering from such a dangerous disease, some of you are thinking and crying over it. God is waiting as to when He could help your child. He is waiting to show mercy to you. Just call upon the name of Jesus. He will come running looking at the young age of your child, and heal the blood cancer or the cancer or the breast cancer of your grown up child, God will change today and will have mercy on her.
Not only that, God says, that God will be exalted to show you mercy. God who looked at the crowd of people and had compassion upon them, will rise up to the occasion. This means that God has risen to perform miracles for you. That day He got up to go . Do you know where? To the house of Jairus .

The headman or leader of the synagogue. He got up and went to the house of Jairus. He had compassion and so he got up and went. As a result what happened? The 12 year old daughter who was dead became alive as soon as the Lord went into her house and said, “Talitha cumi”, which means “Little girl, get up.”Then she got up and sat. Jesus asked the people at home to give her some food and left the house. God restored life to the dead girl. In the same way, God will restore all the blessings that have been dead. The job that was snatched from you. The property that had been plucked away from you, and to give you all the things that you had failed to receive, God has risen up to come and give you all the blessings. Call upon the name of the Lord, and ask the Lord to come near unto you and perform a miracle for you. When you ask, the Lord will come directly and help you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank you. Lord, I pray and bless all the children who are reading this message. Let mercy and goodness continue to flow upon them or come along with them. Lord you have said, that you will wait to show mercy for them. Lord You are waiting for an opportunity to show mercy to your children. Lord there is no other joy than this. Lord for those parents who are crying over their children that you should show mercy to them, or for their husband, that mercy should be shown to them, then you come down and show them mercy. Undo the bondages and break the barriers, change their disease, and break the sting of the death, and perform a miracle And we remain thankful to you lord. We thank you. Not only that, You will rise up because of compassion, and do wonders for your children. You have started to go about doing good. So we are grateful to you. For those children whose parents are reading this message, their son, and daughter in law, for all of them I pray that you will be merciful and do miracles for them. Lord you have now risen up to go to their particular towns and villages, as you are Lord at hand and afar off. Let all the children see several miracles in their lives. In case they receive bad news from foreign country, let them hear good news come from their children who have gone abroad for various purposes.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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