October 27, 2020


I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  The blessed word that God has given you, for today is from the book of Isaiah 62:8 ,“Surely I will no longer, give your grain, To be food for your enemies. And the sons of the foreigner shall not drink your new wine. For which you have laboured.”

From the above passage we learn that our enemies may try all their best to grab our   wealth   or our position, or property.  But the Lord shall never allow them to succeed in their attempt. You have toiled much to earn what you have. God knows your hard labour.  So no man shall be able to snatch it away from you. May be someone is trying to grab all that you have earned through hard labour. May be your boss is often reducing your salary by cutting your wages for petty reasons. As a result you were never able to see your full salary on hand and you are crying over this issue. You are trying for better opportunities but not able to make it.

Just as God   warned   Laban not to speak good or bad to Jacob or to harm him, who  was on his way to his father’s place  with his wife and children, God will speak to your boss  and caution him about his wrong dealings with you. God will warn your boss from hurting you. He will intervene on your behalf and deliver you from the cruel clutches of his hands.

Dearly Beloved,  I wish to relate to an incident that took place recently. I was invited to conduct three days convention meeting at Medavakkam, Chennai, in a CSI Church. On the last day of the meeting the spirit of the Lord descended upon me in a mighty manner and I called out to   one Mr. Balraman. God repeated the name three times, to indicate that he was about to commit suicide and wanted me to stop him from doing so. Actually the man on the roadways was surprised to hear his name being called. He came with a bottle of poison in his hands and stood in front of me. He was so vexed and disappointed in his life that he wanted to take the bottle home and commit suicide. But the Lord stopped him through my call. On inquiring him he said, Sir,  “I had pledged my house to the Financer   but   I  am yet to pay   the loan money which I am unable to do. The Financier is therefore trying to grab my house. He is causing misery and pressurising me to pay the loan.  So I am fed up of my life.” Then I told him that his cry has been heard by God and he will come down in a marvellous manner to rescue him. I assured him saying, “Today God is meeting you, and therefore you submit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ. You are unable to occupy your house, so you have come to this sad decision. Submit your problem to the Lord today. This night the Lord will   intervene for your sake and speak to the financier. His sleep will be disturbed. God will make ways   for you to redeem your house.  God knows you and your problem, I do not wish that you die before the appointed time. Go In peace.” So he went home. Just as I had told him a few days later the Financier came to his door step, to help him redeem his house. The house was released to Mr. Balraman on certain mutual settlement. God had been gracious to this brother.

When God can meet Balraman and  show favour to him will he not be considerate to you? Can He not perform a miracle for you ?  So if your enemy is trying to plunder or pluck away   that which belongs to you, God will work a miracle and redeem it for you.  Therefore   receive Jesus   as your Saviour today,  and walk in the fear of God, then He will work wonders  in your life. He will re establish all that had been plundered by your enemy, and cause you to be a blessing. Is your job in a shaking manner, have you been sent out without proper notification, God will re establish you in the same job. May be right now you are standing empty handed, you feel there is no way to progress, no means to educate your children, or get them settled. You do not have enough income to manage your family. May be you are caught up in debts.  Don’t you worry my Brother and Sister, Our father has gold and silver in his hands. God says, “ The silver is Mine, and the gold Is Mine.”Hence submit yourself in the Mighty hands of the Lord. For the Lord who does wonders has drawn close to you. He will not allow the fruit of your labour to be stolen by your enemies. The Lord will refresh the weary and satisfy the fainted. God Bless You.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we thank you for this blessed day. Lord we thank You for the power of   Your intervention in our lives. Teach us to depend upon You completely and not make hasty decision. Help us to labour honestly and diligently. Bless the work of our hands. Prevent us from being exploited and manipulated by our enemies.

In Jesus name we pray.


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