November 9, 2020

BLESSED FAMILY - Bro. T. Stephen

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. The blessed word that God has given for you , today is from the book of Mark 10:9, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.”
The Lord has predestined certain things. God has his own way of doing things. It will not be to harm you, but to give you a future and a hope. We often say that marriages are made in Heaven. A man and a woman are united in marriage by holy matrimony.
We read in the Bible that God rejected the sacrifices of the Israelite men because they sent their wives away. They were faithless to the women with whom they had made a covenant. God does not like families to be separated. God actually hates divorce, which literally means that God hates, when men are faithless to their wives and send them away.
There are many reading this message from their father’s house or they are left alone. God does not want you to live alone, that is why He instituted the marriage in the Garden of Eden. But now a days we see that divorce is in the increase as there is no proper understanding between the couple. The wife sometimes wants to suppress her husband because he may not earn a better salary. She would be earning more than him. As a result she might boast of her earnings. And in many families the women rule or dominate their husbands. They mistreat their husbands. They fail to respect their husbands. This irritates the husbands and their marriage life becomes shabby. They separate. The children are left to suffer because of their wrong behaviour. Women have to be cautious. They should love their husbands as themselves and husbands too should love their wives as Christ loved the church.
Wife plays an important role in every family. If she is kept happy the family is blessed. If not then, there is problem. Wives also need to be humble to their husbands in every way. They should honour their husbands as the head of their family. Only such couples thrive as successful families. The Bible says, the husband should fulfil his marital duty to his wife and likewise the wife to her husband. A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown. Wives are to be women worthy of respect. The wise woman builds her house. She sacrifices her life for the interest or well being of her husband and her children. Both the husband and wife should realize that a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. And the husband should realize that a prudent wife is from the Lord. Therefore Jesus says, “Love one another as I have loved you.”May those reading this message realize the importance of a family life and try to set right your lives.
Prayer: Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Lord thank you for telling us how we ought to be in order to maintain a successful family life. Help us to love our spouse as Christ loved the church. Help us never to separate from each other because separation causes pain. May we endure the struggles that spring up now and then, for the wellbeing of our family. Teach us to tolerate each our and maintain harmony and peace within the family.
In Jesus name we pray.

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