August 13, 2023

Power - Bro. T. Stephen

My beloved children in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am delighted to meet you all on this day August 13th through this daily Auspicious Message. May God bless you!

Let us read 2 Chronicles 14:11 “Lord, it is nothing for You to help, whether with many or with those who have no power.” This was Asa’s prayer to the Lord, “It is nothing with You to help, whether with many or with those who have no power.” This means it was an easy thing for the Lord to help the wealthy or the poor. It is sometimes difficult for a man to help the poor. But the Lord can help anyone! Another verse says God can raise anyone. His hand is Mighty, so full of strength, a Saving Hand, a nourishing Hand, an uplifting Hand, a Healing Hand. Since King Asa knew the greatness of God’s hand, he said, “Lord, it is nothing for You to help whether the mighty, the weak, the rich, or the poor.”

Today perhaps you are expecting someone to give a helping hand, someone to recommend you. This is your expectation this morning. The Lord says, “I am there for you. Why are you worried? There is a proverb in our place, Having ‘Butter’ on hand, you seek ‘Ghee’? The ghee that he is looking for is inside the butter. Many are not aware that they can take ghee from the butter which they have in their hand and are instead searching for ghee here and there. Similarly, all blessings are in the Lord just like ghee is found in butter. All blessings are in the Lord – the health that you need, the guidance, the anointing, the spiritual gifts, the medicine that you require, everything is in God’s Hand.

Many are not ready to take it from His hand, instead are wandering around. Why are you wandering around when you have Jesus with you? I have certain people say, “Your father is a great man. When you have your father, why do you struggle and wander?” If an earthly father who is wealthy and famous, people will look at his children and comment, “Your father is a great man. Having him with you, you don’t have to go searching for anything. Tell him and he will do it for you. If they consider an earthly father like this, how much more can our Heavenly Father who has authority over heaven and earth, silver and gold are His, the earth and its fullness are His, won’t He do it for you? If not for you, for who else will He do? There is another proverb ‘Only the babies who cry will receive milk.’ Ask and you will receive it. Sometimes God expects you to talk to Him. In families, the children expect their father to communicate with them. But the father converses less which makes them sad. In some families, the father waits to talk with his children, but the children don’t, because the children are caught up in worldly pursuits. Sit and talk with your dad for a while. Situations have changed nowadays. Fix a certain time to talk with your Heavenly Father. Leave all that is troubling your heart with Him. He will go to any extent to do a miracle for you. Even if you are in debt that no one can redeem, even if you are in the darkness of sin that no one can rescue. Just as a bird hovers over its nest God will come, deliver you, rescue, and protect you. Even if you’re adrift in the middle of the ocean, others may be delayed trying to save you, and people from the nearby boat might be too late trying to save you, but when you call the Lord immediately, He will control the waves, wind, and save you in the same place. Asa cried out to the Lord in times of danger. For the mighty and the weak, for the influential or insignificant, God does not look at your prominence or the wealth that you possess, He looks at your heart, understands your need, and acts. Pray to this Lord, I don’t have any strength, but it is nothing for You to help. No wealth or influence but the Lord who has it all is with me, help me, Lord. And He will help you and stretch forth His Helping Hand.

Dear Lord, we thank You. I bless my children in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a very good God. You are still alive today. My children don’t have income or strength or blessings. But whatever might be their state, to lift us, to bless us, to raise us is an easy thing for You. Whatever is challenging for them You finish it easily for them. Whichever task is in the state of ‘won’t happen or can’t happen’ I humbly submit these children in the presence of a God who makes things happen. Then they said among the nations, the Lord has done great things for them. According to this verse, Lord do great things for them. You know what makes my children happy, for all those things do a miracle for my children. What do they need? What do they require urgently? What is causing them anguish? You know everything. You are Lord who knows what to do specifically, know their particular need, answer them, and gladden their hearts. Wherever they go today may they be successful. They want to leave only after hearing the Mangala Vaarthai. After hearing that, I will go to the court. After hearing that, I will go and collect the medical test results. My children are eagerly listening to Your word. May the Word that they heard, break the barriers and do a miracle for them. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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