June 9, 2024

God will be with you

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the name of the Lord be glorified. On this day June .09th it is a great pleasure to meet you through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you. what auspicious word the Lord has kept for you today. Take with me from the book of Jeremiah 1:8, “For I am with you to deliver you, says the Lord.”

My Dear brothers and Sisters, In order to save you from being destroyed by your disease, or to save you from being drowned and destroyed, by your huge debts. In order to save you from being destroyed by your captivity, To save you from being destroyed by your depressed state of life. God is descending from heaven to save you. Today it has become so dangerous that only if a person returns safely from school, college, or from your work spot, or from your business center. Or from your place of ministry, only then we can be assured that the person is safe. We are in such a situation, that wherever we turn there is destruction. Destruction through accidents, destruction through natural disaster, plagues, and diseases, when all these destruction are on your way the Lord says, “I will be with you to deliver you.”

Take God wherever you go. Since He comes along with you, then you are a special people unto Him says the word of God. If God is on your side then who can stand against you or come against you. If God is on your side then you shall not be moved. No evil or disease can cause destruction to you. Both Mary and Martha said to Jesus that if only he was there with them, then their brother Lazarus would not have died. So only in the absence of God Lazarus died. So God says, “I will be with you, to deliver you from all evil.”

Today in your going out and in your coming in your activities, Lord be with me always. I always say that Psalm 121 is a psalm of protection. Every member of your family should know this psalm by heart. It is a Psalm of prayer which God has given for us as a prayer for protection. If you pray this prayer God will protect you from all harm and danger.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we thank You. Lord, you have said that you are there with us to deliver us. We thank you for this assurance. It gives us great joy. Lord for those children who are scared of death may this word reach out to them, and may this give them a godly hope, and let it deliver them from the bondage of disease, bondage of death, and bondage of the Devil, free them and help all the children to live a long life, as a blessing to many others. I bless them all to have such a life. Let miracles happen. Let wonders take place. May the Lord give them glorious things in their life.
In Jesus Name We Pray.

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