August 6, 2018

The Lord increased my Hemoglobin

Praise the Lord. I was suffering from low Hemoglobin levels. I was conceived at that time. As days passed by, the hemoglobin levels kept decreasing. I wrote a pray request to the God’s Love Ministries prayer tower saying that the doctor told me that I needed to pump new blood into my body and that I was anemic. While I was praying, I told the Lord that I did not want anyone’s blood to enter my body. I wanted the Lord to heal me completely. Later, I had a cesarean and the Lord blessed me with a baby boy according to the desire of my heart. When I was discharged, my report stated that the level of my hemoglobin was 10 and that I was not anemic. My baby was also in good health.
I thank and praise the Lord for renewing my health and giving me a safe delivery. I thank the God’s Love Ministries Prayer Warriors and also Brother Stephen for praying for me.


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