December 27, 2018

The Lord gave me a promotion

Praise the Lord.

I have been working in a company for the past one year. I had not received my confirmation letter even after I completed one year. There were others too who did not receive the confirmation letter. We were all very confused as to what to do. I kept praying about it. Last month, when I attended the meeting Aaruthalai Thaedi Oru Naal, I was praying and asking God to give me a promotion in my job. Later when I went for the individual prayer, uncle prayed saying, “The Lord will grant to you the promotion that is kept for you.” Similarly, the very next month, I got a promotion in my work. I did not send any email like others did. The Lord enabled my HR to call me and give me my promotion. I praise God for such a wonderful blessing in my life.

I thank the Lord for what He has done for me. I also thank uncle for praying for me. 


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