April 2, 2019

The Lord cured me from diabetes

Praise the Lord. I am Shanthi, coming from Trichy. I have been suffering from diabetes for the past eight years. Even on taking medicines, the sugar levels did not go below 350. One day, when we were watching Brother Stephen’s T.V program, he shared a testimony saying, “At this meeting ANBARIN PAATHATHIL ORU NAAL, the angels of God are preparing the food for you here. When you have the food, the Lord will cure you from all sickness.” Believing and trusting that the Lord will cure my disease, we came here and I had this food that was prepared at this meeting. The power of the Lord worked in me through the food that I ate and now my sugar levels have decreased a lot. I thank and Praise God for this.

I thank and praise the Lord for these blessings in my life. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.

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