October 1, 2018

The Lord blessed my womb

Praise the Lord. I am Sowmya, coming from Erukkancheri. It has been seven years since I got married and have not had the fruit of my womb ever since. I had a cyst, hormonal imbalance and also thyroid problem.  I had done a laparoscopy twice. Yet nothing worked out. I finally left all the treatments and went to the feet of the Lord. My mother-in-law has been attending this meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal for the past two years. When she came for the meeting in the last year, Brother said, “Those mother-in-laws who are crying that your daughter-in-law is not able to bear the fruit of the womb, the Lord is going to give a blessing”. Similarly, the Lord blessed the fruit of my womb the following month. The Lord blessed me with a beautiful baby girl.

I thank and praise God for blessing me with the fruit of my womb. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.


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