March 18, 2019

The Lord blessed me with a job

Praise the Lord. I am Andrew coming from Royapuram, Chennai. I neglected the Job that the Lord gave me. On November 2017, the word of the Lord came to me through Brother Stephen. The Lord said, “I have prepared a good place for you.” But because of my disbelief and overconfidence that I will get a job anywhere I go, I did not use the opportunity that I got. I realized that what I was doing was incorrect. The day I asked the Lord for forgiveness and when I started to seek for a new Job in truthfulness, the very next month, I got a job.  The Lord knew my efforts. The Lord blessed me in double measure and has given me a good job. 

I thank and praise the Lord for blessing me with a good job. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.

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