May 15, 2020

Restoration of my husband’s health.

Glory be to the name of the Lord. For five years my husband had a stone in his gall bladder and before that he had liver problems. He was suffering a lot because the liver had shrunk and the gall bladder was widening, so it was very risky to remove the stone from the gall bladder. Everyone had given up on us and told us that he could not be saved. He was then diagnosed with Hepatitis because the stone got stuck in the tube.

In this terrible situation I came for APO. Everyone who looked at the report till then had said that it was high risk and only surgery could save him. But when I came to Brother Stephen, he prayed for my husband and said, the Lord will give a miraculous healing without needing drastic surgery. In the same month, when we went to Ramachandra hospital through laparoscopy (which is a minimally invasive procedure) the gall bladder was removed without any complications at all. I thank the Lord for restoring my husband’s health.

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