April 14, 2020

Healed in the heart and brain

Praise the Lord, my name is Lydia and this is my husband Johnson. During one of Brother Stephen’s meetings, I prayed individually with him and the word he gave me was-  God is going to stop the floods that are coming against you. A few weeks later my husband suddenly fainted at work. The colleagues took him to a hospital and there they said that it was a heart attack and that they would need to do an angioplasty. When they were making arrangements for the angio I was in deep prayer because Brother had said that those who have a problem in the heart will be supplied with a new one by the angels from heaven. In the same way, I saw angels bringing a new heart from heaven for my husband. The next day they did the angio and they found no problem in it. Only a small valve was shrunken and this could be fixed with tablets itself. 

So we were relaxed a little but were still waiting for my husband to gain consciousness. When I asked around the nurses and doctors about why he was still unconscious, they said this isn’t a heart problem, there is some problem in the brain. So we took a brain scan and the doctors said there was internal bleeding in the brain. Immediately they asked us to go to the Neuro specialists. It may seem like my husband’s health was severely affected but I know that God stopped many serious things from happening to him. Even in the Neuro department God made sure that my husband would get well without needing surgery or anything. He got well just by taking tablets. I praise God for hearing my prayers and healing my prayers and Brother Stephen for his prayers.

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