September 3, 2018

My failures turned to success

Praise be to the Lord. In the days of my youth, I failed to search for God and to remember my Creator. I lived in my own ways in sin.  But God redeemed me. I attended the Anbarin Pathathil Oru Naal fasting prayer in Chennai longing for a miracle in my life.

I am a B.COM graduate and was without a job for nearly seven months. I had attended interviews but failed in all my attempts. God spoke to me through Bro.Stephen that He will bless my journey and my future. Before I attended an interview, I wanted to get prayed and attend it. After getting prayed in the meeting, I attended the interview. The interview had 6 rounds. And there were 5 other candidates for the interview along with me. I prayed to the Lord remembering the words uttered by Brother that God will be with me in the journey. God heard my prayer and I was the only one selected.  God’s word never fails.

I thank and praise the Lord for this blessing. I thank Bro.Stephen and our Almighty for blessing me.


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