June 28, 2022

Loan repayment ways opened!

Praise the Lord, I am Vinodhini Josephine from Chrompet, Chennai. I was in deep agony as I was unable to repay my house loan. Both mine and my wife’s monthly salary was just sufficient to pay the loan. Every month I attended the “Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal” fasting meeting and pleaded, “Jesus, please deliver me from my mortgage problem.” During personal prayer I received this Mangala Vaarthai from Brother, “All your problems will be solved. God will now give you decades of delight to replace your years of trouble.” What a wonder! God heard Brother’s prayer and granted my husband a job in Iraq with a high remuneration. I thank God for giving a good job for my husband and thus enabling us to repay our mortgage. May His name alone be glorified!

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