March 10, 2022

Health restored!

Praise the Lord, I am Viji from Moolakadai, Chennai. I come from a Hindu background. I accepted Christ as my personal saviour. God graciously saved and anointed me. Recently I developed a swelling and suffered with severe pain in my abdomen. After a scan the doctor’s prognosis was, “Your liver is swollen due to high cholesterol in your body.” It was during such circumstances that I watched Brother T Stephen’s program on Sathiyam TV. After the message during prayer time Brother prayed like this, “God is removing any swelling in your abdomen area. When you place your hands on your stomach and pray, you will experience a miracle immediately.” I placed my hands on my stomach and joined Brother in prayer. What a wonder! God placed His nail placed hands on my stomach and miraculously healed me. When I took another scan, the doctors found that nothing was wrong with me and declared me normal. I thank God from the bottom of the heart for hearing Brother T Stephen’s prayers and doing a miracle for me.  May His name be glorified

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