March 23, 2020

Healing from a rare disease

My name is Kanimozhi, I come from Mogappair. My father in law was admitted in the hospital for the whole month of March. He was in a serious condition because he suffered from a rare ailment called myasthenia gravis because of which all the muscles in his body failed. We gave him many medicines and treatment, we even admitted him in the ICU but nothing worked out. One day we went to Brother Stephen’s meeting and we prayed with him individually. He said that there will be a divine healing in my Father in law’s health from then on. Miraculously, ever since then there has been slow improvement. Step by step each part of his body has begun working. The doctors are struck with amazement as to how he is able to take care of himself now.
I thank God for hearing our prayer and thank Brother Stephen for praying for my father in law.

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