April 7, 2020

God turns my son’s life around

Praise the Lord my name is George Amalan. I come from Ambattur. I have a daughter and a son. My son is very weak when it comes to studies. I had no hope for him to receive qualifications.  Even if he got job opportunities he would never improve and so his career was doomed.

During this time, there was a meeting in Arakkonam where Bro. Stephen was preaching. During individual prayer, when I saw him I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. Brother himself told me that I am very sad when I think about my son. And said that God would do 3 things- firstly he would lift my son up to a position where he would give jobs to many people. Secondly, he said, you are worried about him getting married. Bro prophesied saying that God will open doors for my son’s marriage as soon as his work is settled, Thirdly, he said God will give him a son in 2018. When we were done praying he said don’t be worried, keep your faith in God. One by one God is fulfilling his promises. He opened a departmental store and soon got married. All praises to God, we look forward eagerly to the last promise. Thank you Bro. Stephen for praying fo us.

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