May 6, 2020

God turned my world upside down.

Praise the Lord my name is Suresh, I come from Mudichur. In the month of July of 2018 I lost.  As soon as I lost my job, I lost my house and all my money. I was left empty-handed and my thoughts went to the extent of wanting to die. I suffered in this state of constant depression for nine whole months.

One day I saw Brother Stephen’s message on TV. Something about his message made me want to eagerly meet him. My wife and I finally got the chance to meet Brother in one of his meetings. He took one look at us and immediately knew that something was deeply troubling us. He asked what had happened to us. I said I lost my job, lost everything and had to sell my house. After hearing my story Brother prayed for us and gave us one powerful word that day, he said- “Go. You WILL get a good job”. His prophecy put all my worries to rest and very soon God gave me a wonderful job. I give God all the praise.

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