July 9, 2018

God sanctioned the loan I needed

Praise the Lord. My name is Sharada. I am a contractor. I was to take up a mega project and had got the necessary permission; but did not take any further step towards the construction. I was slightly hesitant whether I would be to complete such a mega project or not.

A few days later, I watched Brother Stephen’s program on Sathiyam TV, where Brother said, Our God is a counselor and that we must not take any decision on our own but we need to pray and do the will of God.” The next morning I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal His plan for me. I told the Lord, “If I get the loan I will do the construction”.  The following week, Brother prophesied saying, “Our God is a God of all riches. You need not go in search of anyone. God will send to you all that you need”. I believed this word and held onto this word.

I got an appointment to meet Brother. The time I went to meet Brother, I got a call saying thatmy loan was sanctioned. As I had an appointment with Brother at that time, I told them that, meeting Brother was more important that getting the loan. After meeting Brother, the one who was to give me the loan came and met me. We did not know each other. I felt like as if God had sent an angel to sanction the loan even without me asking for it. Within a week all the formalities were done and I got the loan for the construction. By the grace of God, I have started the construction process. I thank and praise God for this blessing. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.

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