March 31, 2020

God reunites a family.

The nerves and muscles in my son’s arm were damaged severely during an accident. He was not able to use his hands. Everyone said that’s the end of the story. But with steadfast prayer and fasting, step by step he got supernaturally healed. He was able to drive his bike and eat as well. A few days before he started to get well, my son’s wife left him. She believed that his arm will no longer work, left him and took their 4 year old child with her. 

Looking for counsel and consolation, I brought my son to a meeting of Bro Stephen and prayed with him individually. I told Bro. Stephen about how my son was miraculously healed and he was overjoyed to hear this. Then I told him about how his wife had left him and filed for a divorce. Immediately Bro prayed saying God join this family, after praying he said we have done our part, all that’s left is for God to bring them together. I went back knowing that the word of the Lord will be fulfilled and felt very happy. 12 days later, the same daughter in law that filed for divorce came running back to my son along with their child. Truly what a great deed God has done in our lives. I thank Bro Stephen for praying fervently for us and the Most High God for reuniting this family.

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