July 9, 2018

God protected my family

Praise the Lord.  I come from Rajyapalayam.  While I was watching Brother Stephen’s program on Sathiyam T.V at 11:30 p.m, he said, ‘God will save you from every form of evil’. At that time, I prayed for the safety of my family. While I was praying at home, an incident took place at my husband’s work place.

My husband is a conductor. That night, he was at the Trichy bus stand. He had finished his duty and was taking a short nap. He kept his bag of money (Rs.1 lakh), a 3 pound chain, a debit card, ATM card, debit card and other belongings with him and slept off. All of a sudden, a man had stolen the bag of money and was getting away with it. My husband felt like someone was waking him up. When he woke up, he found the bag was missing and saw the man running with the bag. At once, my husband ran after him and got the bag. All glory to God for being with my husband.

Similarly, my son lost his mobile phone at his college. He insisted that I pray along with uncle during the meeting so that he will be able to get his phone. God answered even that prayer and we got back the lost mobile phone. I praise and thank God for His protection upon our family. I also thank Brother Stephen for his prayers.


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