July 30, 2018

God of wonders

Praise the Lord. It’s been a year since my daughter had been going through many obstacles and many problems. At that time, I attended the meeting Aaruthalai Thaedi Oru Naal and got prayed from Brother Stephen, he said that the Lord would break all the barriers and good things will take place. He also said that the Lord has gone ahead and has already given victory over all the problems.

At that time, I made a vow and prayed that if the marriage takes place successfully, I would testify along with my family. Similarly, God enabled my daughter to have a successful marriage. God also blessed my elder son with a good job. My grandson was not able to speak fluently; but after Brother Stephen prayed, he started to speak well.

I thank and praise God for performing all these miracles in our life. I also thank Brother Stephen for all his prayers for my family.


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