November 8, 2018

God helped us find our grandson

Praise the Lord.

I am Shanthi. My grandson was asking for something from his grandfather. He did not but it for him. In that anger, he ran away from home. We searched for him everywhere. We were much worried. None of us expected that such a thing would happen. It was at that time that we called the God’s Love Ministries Prayer Tower. A prayer warrior prayed for me. She prayed and told me that my grandson would be found soon and not to worry. I did not lose my faith. I kept praying. Exactly as that sister prayed, we got a call saying that my grandson was found in a park nearby. We immediately rushed to get him home. We finally got him safely.

Praise be to the Lord for helping them find their grandson. I thank the God’s Love Ministries prayer warrior who prayed for me.


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