June 6, 2020

God heard me.

Praise the Lord. My name is Deborah, we are from Kovur. We have two children. My first child was born in the Caesarian section. So when I was conceived with my second child I prayed sincerely to God asking him for a normal delivery this time. But the Doctors and nurses said no chance. Since your first child was C-section, we will definitely have to do the operation for this child also. 

I still continued to pray and believe that Jesus would do this miracle for me. The doctors gave my delivery operation due date as December 1 which was a Saturday. So I prayed and prayed that by Wednesday, November 28 itself I should deliver the baby and avoid the operation

The day came when I was hoping the baby would be born. It was November 28th afternoon but still, I had no pains and I started to worry. My husband had watched Brother Stephen’s message that morning and Brother said- God will send you everything that you had been waiting for without any delay. So I held on to that promise and kept praying. That night I started to develop pains and the next day morning itself my baby was born in a normal delivery. I had specifically prayed that the baby will be born before the Doctor comes so that they don’t operate on me and just as I had prayed, the baby was born before the Doctor arrived. I thank the Lord Jesus for keeping me and my baby healthy.

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