April 22, 2020

God heals a little boy.

All praise to God. I would like to share my testimony with you. One day my grandson fell sick and his illness was very difficult to diagnose. He suffered a lot for one whole month. All the tests showed that there was nothing wrong but he was always with a fever. Finally we decided to try another doctor and he said let’s take an x-ray. From the x-ray we found out that my grandson had Tuberculosis and that he had to take pills for 6 months. 

I was heartbroken that such a small child had to suffer like this. One day he came to me and said Paati, please pray for me at the church you go to every month that all my test results should say that I am healed. He was talking about the Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal meetings and I was moved to tears by his request.  I called Brother Stephen and he said don’t worry, God will definitely answer the little boy’s faith, the results will come back negative, everything will be normal and you will soon give testimony. Just as he said, I stand here to testify before you that my grandson is now fully healed from all of his sickness. Praise God and Thanks to Brother for his words of comfort and strength.

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