June 18, 2018

God healed my headache

My name is Ramesh. I am 59 years old.  I have been suffering from a severe headache ever since my childhood. On February 27th 2016, while I was working in the office I suddenly fainted and fell off. I was taken to the hospital. The reports stated that three bones at the back of my neck had worn out.

When I took the next treatment my eyes got blanked-out. I felt like as if all the things around me were rotating in all directions. I had to be on bed rest all the time. I was not able to eat. I took 28 tablets per day. I was under treatment for nearly two years and did not have any improvement. It was then, that I met my childhood friend brother Irudiyaraj. I explained to him what my problem was. He told that he would take me to another doctor and that was our beloved Brother Stephen. Until then, I did not know anything about him.  I attended the meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal and met Brother. He did not know what I was going through. As he laid hands on my head, this was what the Lord spoke through Brother: “You shall have the strength of the Unicorn. You will skip, jump and run”. Those words encouraged me, as I had been bedridden for the past two years. Today, I am able to stand for more than an hour. I am also able to do my daily exercise. God has given me a lot of strength. The problem in my neck has disappeared. I thank the Lord. I thank Brother for praying for me.

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