February 22, 2019

God Healed my Father

Praise the Lord. My father is 75 years. Four years ago, he had an open heart surgery. Last year he was diagnosed with mouth cancer and was operated. Recently he was diagnosed with pulmonary effusion (collection of fluid in the lungs). Things got critical as his body could not withstand medication. The doctors said that he should be kept in the ICU and it was difficult to save him because he was aged.

I went to the God’s Love Ministries Prayer Tower to meet Brother Stephen. I requested him to pray for my father. I told him that I wanted my father to live longer. Brother prayed with much burden for my father. God answered the prayers.  My father was shifted from the ICU to the normal ward. I praise God for the good health the Lord has given to my father. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for my father.

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