December 12, 2018

God healed my Cancer

Praise the Lord.

I am Bharathi. I am from Kanchipuram. I have finished my B.Sc Nursing. While I was doing my second year, I had a boil in the right side of my chest. It started with a pain. When I consulted the doctor, I was told that it was just a normal fat boil. I used to get this pain rarely and so I did not take much care about it. Once I finished my studies, I re-consulted the doctor. They insisted me to go for a scan. But I was not willing to do so.Later, I started to go for my job. I was working as a theater staff. Most of my work was to be done by the right hand. I had a severe pin pricking pain.That boil eventually started to grow. I consulted doctor once again. I insisted them to do a biopsy. If it were a fat boil, the nature of the boil would be wobbly. But this was quiet hard. When the biopsy results came, I was diagnosed with a Cancer – mucinous carcinoma. I had to undergo Chemotherapy. After a few cycles, when I got my test results, it showed that my neck area, lungs and my uterus were completely affected. I told my mother to leave me alone. I did not want to undergo any further treatment. I was having a very tough time fighting cancer.

It was at that time when I saw Uncle taking in the channel Sathiyam T.V. While I was listening to the message, I called the God’s Love Ministries prayer Tower and a sister prayed with this verse Psalms 24:1,”He asked you for life, and you gave it to him— length of days, forever and ever.” My mother took me to the meeting Aaruthalai Thaedi Oru Naal. When I went for that meeting, I was moved by the words that Uncle said. While I went for the individual prayer, Uncle said, “God is going to touch you and heal you. You must give my child complete healing.” I was very encouraged by these words. I had a belief that I would be healed. When I left from that place, I had received healing. I did not have any pain.

I thank God for this miracle in my life. I also thank Uncle for praying for me.


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