July 16, 2018

God healed me

 Praise the Lord. I am working as an attendant at the hospital “Stanley”. While attending to a case, I fell down and dislocated my knee. I was operated immediately. My knees have been replaced with steel rods. Even after having spent nearly two lakhs for the operation and the treatment, I was not healed. The pain in my leg worsened. My children were upset.
During that time, I attended the meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal. After the time of message, while Brother was praying for the sick, I told the Lord, “Lord, if you give me complete deliverance from this pain in my leg, I will testify in this meeting.” God heard the prayers of Brother and healed me completely. Now I do not have any pain in my leg. I am healed completely. I thank and praise God for healing me. I also thank Brother Stephen for all his prayers.

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