July 2, 2018

God healed me from Dengue Fever

Praise the Lord. I was suffering from Dengue Fever. I was admitted in the hospital. On the second day, my liver enlarged and I had severe pain.  I was given drips. I was neither able to eat nor drink anything. I vomitted continuously. I was in the hospital for a week.  I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Effusion (Collection of water in the lungs). We rang up to the God’s Love Prayer Tower and requested them to pray for me. The following day, I underwent a surgery. During the surgery, God performed a miracle. The doctors were amazed as they found that my lungs contained only one millilitre of water content instead of one litre. God healed me completely. I praise God a thousand times. After I got discharged, I went to meet Brother. I told him that I needed to go to the doctor during the weekend and that there should not be any bad report. Brother said, “God has healed you completely. God has given you strength, you need not worry.” I went for the check up.  The doctor said, “You have no problem.  You are absolutely healed”. I thank God for healing me completely.  I also thank Brother Stephen for his prayers.

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