July 16, 2018

God cured my diabetes

Praise the Lord. I have been suffering from diabetes for quite a long time. I came to attend the meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal. During the time of prayer, Brother told all those who are suffering from diabetes to raise their hands and that he would pray for them. I raised my hand and prayed along with Brother. While I was praying, I had a strong feeling that God would heal me completely. A few days later, I had gone for my regular check-up. The first time that I checked, my sugar levels were normal. I then decided to come again after a few more days and get myself checked once more. To my surprise, the next time that I checked-up, my sugar levels were absolutely normal. I was completely delivered from this illness.
I thank and praise God for giving me deliverance form diabetes. I also thank Bro. Stephen for his prayers.

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