June 1, 2018

God blessed me with a good job.

I am Christy from Perambur, Chennai.

My husband who is an Electrical Engineer was working as a project engineer in a private company in Sriperambudur.   He was struggling greatly in his career and did not get a proper job.  Our well wishers suggested us to look for a job in abroad.  We were praying about this.  Last year his brother working in Muscat wanted to start a restaurant in Al Mulandha, Oman.   So my husband went to Muscat last September to join with his brother in this business. He thought this would be an entry to Oman either to get a job in his field or try for a new business opportunity.    They had planned to open the restaurant in December last year but nothing materialised.

At this situation, I had sent an e- mail to (Bro. Stephen, God’s Love Ministries) to pray for my husband.   I received a reply instantly with the promise of the Lord Revelation 21:5, “Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new”.   Mean while, my husband called me and said that he is planning to come back to India. I was shattered and once again I sent an e-mail to brother, he replied at once confirming with God’s promise that my husband is going to receive a special blessings in a new way according to Job 23:14, “For He performs what is appointed for me; and many such things are with Him.”   I claimed those promises and prayed very faithfully.   I left everything at God’s hands.

Within a week God did a great miracle in our life.  My husband got a call from a person asking for his name and requested to meet him in person to discuss about the job. My husband was clueless but later came to know that he was referred by Mr.Yemen  from Oman whom he had not contacted for over 2 years.  But God made Mr. Yemen to remember my husband and he referred him for this job.  God did a great miracle in our life.  Just as He promised according to Job 23:14, “He performs the things that is appointed for me.” He blessed my husband in a new way.   This is the same job which my husband had longed for a very long time.

Now just as God told, He has made him to get a Job as Electrical Engineer in Sarmad International Co. LLC, Oman.”  Praise be to God.

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