October 1, 2018

God blessed us with a house

Praise the Lord. I am Devi coming from Mogapair, Chennai. A few months back, I had testified saying that when I was in the verge of losing my job, God lifted me up to the position of a vice-president. After that when Brother prayed for me he said, “My child, you will testify for greater blessings that the Lord is going to do in your life”. I also told Brother that I was unable to buy a house of our own for nearly 15 years and I have been facing some problems regarding that. Brother said, “Don’t worry my child; the Lord has already seen a house for you. When you come here the next month, you will testify about this”. At that time, situations were against me. I still do not know how I got the money to buy the house. Exactly as how the Lord revealed through Brother, we were able to finish the registration in the last week.

I thank and praise God for the miracles that He has done for us. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for us.


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