May 15, 2020

God blessed my son with a job.

Praise the Lord, I come from Vellore. My name is Malathy Selvaraj and I have three children. Two of them are in medicine and my third child pursued mechanical engineering. He completed his college in the year 2017and had been suffering without a job ever since he graduated. I used to pray with tears and a strong burden for him. My elder sister lives here in Chennai. When I came to visit her she said don’t cry, let’s attend Brother Stephen’s APO meeting. When he lays hands upon you and prays, miracles take place. I have been there and have been healed. 

So I came here on the 7th of September and got prayed with Brother Stephen. Miraculously my son got a job within 5 days since Brother prayed for him. Praise be to the name of the Lord.

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