June 1, 2018

God blessed me

I am Linda Paul.   My husband and I are married for 3 years. We sought medical attention to be blessed with a child.  All our efforts were in vain.  Doctor told that the only possibility left out is an IVF if I had my periods that month because my right fallopian tube was blocked.  After that we had started to send an e-mail to Bro. T. Stephen for the prayer support.   In all his replies he strengthened us and prophesised that you will be conceived naturally according to Psalm 17:14.   I met the Doctor 3 weeks before and a scan revealed that my egg was forming in my right ovary which means in the blocked tube.  She said that “after I get my periods I should consult her to start the artificial treatment”.

Then I wanted to meet Brother in person and I was guided to come to the meeting with my husband.    A week after that, me and my husband attended Brother’s February 2018 meeting at YMCA ground.  I and my husband prayed together at the end of the meeting that we should not go to the Doctor again for treatment rather stands as a testimony carrying child in my womb.   What a wonderful God!  Without any doctor’s intervention or artificial methods, God had made me pregnant which means He has opened my blocked tube where my egg formed.  God has enabled me to conceive the very same month naturally.   Currently I have completed 8 weeks (2 months) and my baby is well and good with a good heartbeat.  All glory to God.   God indeed heard my cry and has made me a joyful mother.  Thank you so much Brother for your earnest prayers and guidance as a spiritual father.

All glory to God

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