June 18, 2018

God blessed me with twins

Praise the Lord. I am Vidhya. I come from Pallikaranai.  My husband’s name is Jabez. We got married in the year 2014 January 23rd. For almost 3 years we waited for the fruit of the womb. I faced a lot of difficulties in conceiving. Last year on the 24th of January, my mother met Brother Stephen.  Brother asked what her prayer request was and she said, “My daughter needs to be blessed with the fruit of the womb”.

Brother prayed earnestly and gave this word: “You shall have a double portion of blessing and today I will give it”. Brother said that God would gift me with babies for my next wedding anniversary. We prayed with great faith. Just as he said the very same month I conceived.

When I went for my check-up, the doctor told me that I was conceived with twins. They told that I need to put stitches due to some complication and had to be on complete bed rest. I would need someone to attend to me at all-times. I asked God, “What is the problem with me? Why should I put on these stitches when nothing was wrong with me.” Later, when I went for the final check up to be scanned, the doctor told me that I did not have to put stitches as everything was normal with me. This is the biggest testimony in my life. God blessed me with two beautiful girls on the 16th of October. All praise and glory belongs to the Lord.

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