July 2, 2018

God blessed me with a Medical seat

Praise the Lord. My name is Agnes. Last year I completed my 12th std. From my childhood, I had great passion to do medicine. All the members of my family also desired that I should do medicine. I wrote the NEET Exam. Before writing my Exam, I asked Brother Stephen to pray for me.  Brother said, “You will get what you lost”.  I couldn’t understand what he meant by saying that. I wrote the Exam. The result said that I was not qualified.  I was told that I will get seat only if I qualify in the NEET Exam. I took a break last year and wrote the exam this year. I did well. I did a self analysis and found that I would not get the required marks needed to get qualified. I started to look out for other colleges. My father told me to wait till the results were out. He reminded me of what Brother said. I prayed and asked the Lord, “I do not want first mark but I need grace mark. I need just an extra mark to get qualified. I should magnify Your glorious name”. Just as I prayed I got one grace mark. As the mark obtained was less than expected, I was told to wait until counseling and they also told that we may have to pay heavy donation. Jesus was there with us. I was called by a good college. I got the medical seat that I longed for without any donation. I paid only the college fees. This was possible only by the grace of God. I thank Brother for praying for me. I praise God for giving me this medical seat.

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