June 25, 2018

God blessed me with a grand daughter


Praise the Lord. I attended the meeting Anbarin Pathathil Oru Naal in 2017 for the New Year service. While praying, I asked the Lord to bless me with a granddaughter. Later Brother Stephen prayed for me and said, “An extraordinary miracle will happen and God will give it according to the desire of your heart”.

The same month my daughter conceived.  When the baby was in the womb, there were many complications. The baby neither grew  nor gained weight. During her eighth month, the doctors diagnosed that one of the arteries that carry blood, had got blocked entirely. She had to undergo a treatment called Doubler.  I informed Brother about what had happened. He prayed for us. Doctor said that they would take the baby out and would be kept in the incubator. I prayed earnestly. God heard all our prayers.

My daughter was blessed with a normal delivery. God miraculously blessed me with a granddaughter with a weight of 2.4 pounds. I give all the praises to God, who performed this miracle. I thank Brother for his earnest prayers.


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