September 24, 2018

God blessed me

Praise the Lord. I come from Bangalore. I faced great loss in my business. One day while my wife and I were watching Brother’s T.V program, he said that “Do not push away your blessings, receive it now itself”. Then my wife told that we must go for the meeting and receive the blessings. We attended the meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal, where Brother Stephen prayed for us. As he was praying, my eyes flooded with tears that I was unable to control. After I attended the meeting, the very next month, I got a big order. I am a scrap dealer. The Lord enabled me to get an order for Rs.5 lakhs. By doing that business, I was able to settle all my debts and redeem our gold. Brother prophetically said that all that my hands do will prosper. Similarly, I got great gain from the work that I did.

I thank the Lord for this miracle. I also thank Brother Stephen for all his prayers.


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