April 4, 2022

Gift of child & Government job!

Praise the Lord, I am Kevin from Chennai. Some years back my wife and I had gone to New Zealand for higher studies. My mother who was in India attended the “Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal” fasting meeting and prayed with Brother T. Stephen for our future. God graciously granted me a government job even before I finished my studies and miraculously enabled me to get the PR. But my wife and I were in anguish as we did not have a child yet. The doctors after examining my wife declared, “You have ovarian cysts, so there is no possibility of you ever conceiving a child.” But when my wife prayed with Brother T Stephen, he gave the Mangala Vaarthai, “You will definitely conceive and give birth to a child”. According to this Mangala Vaarthai, my wife conceived. My mother again reached out to Brother T Stephen for my wife’s safe confinement. In spite of having several complications, God enabled my wife to have a safe delivery and give birth to a beautiful baby girl. I thank God for hearing Brother’s prayers and doing these wondrous miracles in our family. May His name alone be glorified!

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